Pick 'n' Mix

A fun-filled, activity based course where YOU choose the content!

Have you ever wanted to try something new with your dog?   Have you heard of some of these activities and wondered what they were all about?

Well here's your chance to have a go!

Each course lasts 6 weeks and there is a range of activities to introduce the dog and handler to - that you choose!

Choose your  favourite 3 activities out of the ones listed that you'd like to try and everyone's 1st choice will happen during the 6 weeks.  Don't worry - if 2 people choose the same, then the next most popular choice will be included too!

And on top of all of this, your dog will continue to learn and develop further obedience skills as we cover elements included in the Kennel Club's Good Citizen Silver and Gold awards.

Which of these fun activities would you - and your dog - like to try?

  • Rally - Learn moves for this new dog sport and then undertake a course
  • Scentwork - Learn how to encourage your dog to 'find it' - and practice different searching games
  • Heelwork to Music - Learn some 'doggy dancing' moves and take part in a short group routine
  • Agility - Try out new equipment and compete in a short course!
  • Introduction to Ringcraft - What is the 'Breed Standard' for your dog?  Learn the basics of dog showing and take part in a fun dog show!
  • Team Games - Get competitive as we play noughts and crosses, charades, temptation alley and many more crazy games with you and your dog!
  • Flyball - Have a go at this fun, team, relay dog-jump course with your dog!
  • Doggy Yoga - Yes really!  Stretching out those muscles is just as important for your dog and we learn how to teach our dog to stretch all parts of their body using yoga moves.
  • Introduction to clicker training - Ever wondered how this works and how your dog would respond?  Try it out!

You can email a completed registration form to puppyschool@mail.com and make your payment direct to our account -

account number 22534822 sort code 54-21-13

or you can download and print off the appropriate registration form above and post it to the address given on the form with your cheque as payment.

Your booking will be confirmed by email.

6 week Pick 'n' Mix fun activity courses:

Where: Sheepy Magna Memorial Hall, 112 Main Road, Sheepy Magna, Atherstone, North Warwickshire CV9 3QU

When: Saturday mornings 

Course fee:

Email: puppyschool@mail.com

Phone:  07977 538751

Write:  Keepers Cottage, Purley Chase Lane, Mancetter, North Warwickshire CV9 2RQ


Owing to high demand and the small number of places available on each course, bookings operate strictly on a first come, first served basis.  

A place on a course can only be confirmed upon receipt of a completed registration form and appropriate payment - thank you.


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Suitable for: Dogs that have completed Puppy School Atherstone's Junior School course


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