About Puppy School 


Puppy School is a set of 6 puppy training classes lasting 1 hour. The comprehensive programme has been carefully designed to take you through all the obedience basics giving you a good foundation for life with your new puppy or for any dog training sport you choose to do later.

You will learn how to teach your puppy to:

  • Come when called
  • Sit, lie down, stand on command
  • Walk on a loose lead without pulling
  • Accept handling (including for vets and groomers)
  • Wait
  • 'Settle'
  • 'Leave' when asked
  • Accept people near to food bowls, bones and chews
  • Stop play biting
  • Be sociable with humans and other puppies
  • Greet people without jumping up

The puppy training exercises gradually progress from easy to more complex, building up your puppy's understanding and reliability each week.

(All of these puppy training exercises are covered in the Training for Life DVD and the Puppy School book by Puppy School founder, Gwen Bailey - both available at your Puppy School class).

Only reward-based puppy training methods are used at Puppy School. Treats, toys and praise are used to encourage puppies to be well behaved. No bullying or rough handling is tolerated.

Puppy School tutors are chosen for their people-skills as well as their puppy training abilities. Encouragement and praise are used to help you acquire the skills you need to train your puppy. No humiliation or shaming of owners will occur and all lessons are fun and sociable with a happy, friendly atmosphere.

Although all the information you will need to train your puppy will be given to you in class, you will need to set aside time every day to practice the exercises at home to make the most of the ideas you have been given. Training at home will allow you to progress further in class and will result in a better trained puppy at the end of the 6 weeks.

About your Puppy School tutor - Sharron Byard


I love spending time with my 3 dogs, Ruari, Ferghal and Phen - all Irish Setters! 

Both Ruari and Ferghal have achieved their Kennel Club Good Citizenship Gold Bronze awards.

Ruari is a graduate of Puppy School and our latest adventures have taken place in the show ring with Ruari being shown at Crufts in 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017!  He won his 'Stud Book Number' title in 2016 meaning that he is now qualified to enter Crufts for life!

Ferghal has attended Puppy School Atherstone's Puppy School and Junior School courses to ensure he is trained in the basics for a young dog, is well socialised and receives the best start in order to prepare him for the show ring too.  He qualified for Crufts 2016 at his first Championship dog show in June 2015 and also qualified and was shown at Crufts in 2017.  Both Ruari and Ferghal were also shown at the European Dog Show in Belgium in 2016.

Phen (short for his kennel name of 'Phenomenal') is also shown - and we're having many adventures!  He qualified for Crufts in 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2021 and has been awarded several 'Best of Breed' awards and was 3rd Open Dog at the World Dog Show in Amsterdam in 2018 - an amazing achievement for just a 2 year old dog!

All of these fun activities increase bonding and trust between you and your dog which is why it is important to socialise and train a new puppy early.

I look forward to meeting you and your new puppy – as you embark on a lifetime of adventures together!